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House Groups

House Groups have now grown to six, with yet another in the pipe-line, to meet further requests for another afternoon group, perhaps in the Fairhaven/St Annes area.

As you will see from the schedule listed below, the groups meet on different days, with different frequencies and durations, and the venues are well spread across the Lytham and St Annes areas, for ease of travel.
Approximately 55 people are already in the groups and newcomers are always welcome. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere exists, where everyone is made to feel comfortable and valued and there is absolutely no pressure on anyone to be Bible-knowledgeable, able to ask or answer questions, pray aloud - or any of those challenging things - unless they wish to do so.

So what is the purpose of these Groups? Why do they exist? Is regular church attendance not enough? If we recall that more than 250 years ago, John Wesley created his ‘class’ system - ‘small groups’ who met to share their religious experiences, to grow in knowledge and love of God and to help each other to live better lives - we realised that this is precisely why our House Groups meet today, extra to our church attendance.

John Wesley’s classes were initially regarded with suspicion and considerable opposition, but his persistence resulted in the peaceful fulfilment of his desire for people to gather together around the word of God, as we are doing today in our House Groups.

So, all are invited. Should there be doubts in anyone’s mind about the ‘how?’, ‘where?’, ‘when?’ and ‘why?’ of the system, then, please, as Caroline put it in her recent outreach for House Groups, ‘Come, Taste and See’. Perhaps speak to someone who already attends a group, or, for further information, please contact me in person or by telephone, 01253 731083.

Pat Wilson

Meetings take place in a member’s home unless otherwise stated below - check with Pat for venues
Monday Morning - 9.30 - 10.30am in church - weekly
Monday Evening - 7.00pm - fortnightly
Wednesday Evening  - 6.30 - 8.00pm - fortnightly
Wednesday Afternoon  -  2.30 - 3.30pm - fortnightly
Thursday evening  -7.30pm - weekly


If you would like to know more about House Groups and times etc please contact Pat Wilson 01253 731083 perhaps to ‘walk the walk’ with us – it’s an exciting journey!

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