Lent 2021

As we journey through this season of Lent together, you are invited to have the following items available for the relevant sessions:

w/c 15th February       Session 1  –        Hunger and thirst for God

  • A bowl of dry sand or a wilting flower or plant

w/c 22nd February       Session 2  –        Exploring Fasting

  • A candle and matches or an electric candle

w/c   1st March             Session 3  –        Exploring Using Scripture

  • a postcard-sized piece of paper or card, scissors

w/c   8th March            Session 4  –        Exploring Prayer 1

w/c 15th March             Session 5  –        Exploring Prayer 2

  • Piece of string or wool (approx. 10 cm)

w/c 22nd March            Session 6  –        Exploring Fellowship

  • A ‘reserved’ sign (on paper or card)

w/c 29th March             Session 7  –        Exploring Bread and Wine

During our last session, we hope to share in Holy Communion together.