Young Church

This is a lively young church. Ages are from about , a couple of months , a few toddlers , a few 6,7, 8 year olds and a couple of young teens. Each Sunday our youngsters are in the main church first of all. The theme of the day is normally set by the minister and this theme is continued in parallel but with their own focus in the Sunday school lesson. Later they come back and tell us in the congregation what they have been up to. usually they make something. It could be a poster , plant some seeds, make a model ( usually involves glitter ). Always with a theme on the stories of God and the parables and stories of Jesus.

Our theme today( 15th Sept 2019 ) was about the parable of the lost sheep. This is a picture by Poppy showing a lost sheep. The shepherd simply had to get him back and return him to the safety of the fold. Just like God does when we are lost.